Major Sewer Improvement Effort

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Temporary Sewer Bypass Installation and Upcoming 18th Street Closure

November 2, 2017

November 6 – November 22 the contractor will install the sewer bypass system. The temporary bypass pipes will be placed above ground, except where it crosses a road or driveway. In that circumstance, a small trench will be excavated, and the piping will be buried. The bypass pump will be located in the westbound lane of 18th Street, just east of Osborn Avenue.

o The pumping operation will begin on November 27.

o During the bypass installation, motorists and area residents should watch for intermittent lane closures in the area of work.
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CLOSURE Euclid Avenue/36th Street intersection closure

36th Street/Euclid Avenue
October 17, 2017

On Tuesday, October 17, the contractor will begin work to install 30 to 36-inch diameter pipe across the Euclid Avenue/36th Street intersection. They will also begin installing large underground sewer structures and manholes in the Euclid Avenue/36th Street intersection. This work will require a complete closure of the Euclid Avenue/36th Street intersection. Work is scheduled to be completed by early November 2017.

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36th Street sewer installation from UPRR to Euclid Avenue

36th Street & Euclid Avenue
September 29, 2017

On Monday, October 2, the contractor will begin installing 36-inch sewer line along 36th Street, between the UPRR and Euclid Avenue. This portion of roadway will be open to local traffic only. Access to businesses will be maintained.
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Southeast Interceptor Rehabilitation Project

36th Street/4th Avenue
September 15, 2017

North and southbound travel on 4th Avenue at the 36th Street intersection is open 

36th Street from 4th Avenue east to the UPRR is closed. Local traffic only

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SEI Project: UPDATED 36th Street Traffic Alert

36th Street/4th Avenue
September 1, 2017

The contractor has begun installing temporary bypass piping along the eastside of Euclid Avenue, between 33rdand 39th Streets.  Trenching is necessary when installation crosses driveways and side streets. Local Traffic Only will be permitted during the daytime work on Euclid Avenue south of 36th Street, but it re-opens at night.  Motorists should use Park Avenue if possible.  On August 28, the contractor will begin trenching within the intersection of Euclid Avenue and 36th Street.  To maintain one travel-lane in each direction, motorists will be shifted around the work area. Turn movements and one through-lane in each direction will be maintained at the Euclid Avenue/36th Street intersection.  These restrictions will be in place from 4:30 a.m. Monday, August 28 through 3 p.m. Friday, September 1, 2017, and Tuesday, September 5 through Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Traffic control will be taken down over the weekend.

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